ASA Resources

The Raw Fact of Every Research 

The importance of having resources at your disposal to make your research and exploration is one that you cannot belittle. When you mention resources, the first thing that comes to the mind of many people is money/fares. However, from a broader spectrum, resources border around information and details gathered together to ensure that a venture is a success. Plans, strategies, and techniques acquired during a course can also be referred to as resources. 

Elsewhere Online is irrevocably committed to ensuring that all the resources needed to make tours, research, and exploration successful are provided to all Australians, especially those studying outside the country. It is our priority as a foremost platform and brand to provide every Australian with resources such as maps, engravings reproduced in universities and other institutions, photographs and images, and other visual and artistic collections.

These images are collected and put in catalogues and linked to many analytical information and texts. We make these resources available on our site, and you can source them through the explore section. 

Also available under our Australians Studying Abroad (ASA) resources are biographies, essays, notes, and links to other innovating websites. With the aid of these notes and essays, you can get access to all the information required to carry out your research. We also focus on getting you familiar with people in various places around the world.

Think of people in historical locations like Timbuktu, Abu Dhabi, and other historical locations globally. You can know more about these individuals by going through their biographies in our resource section. 

Elsewhere Online created the resource section to ensure that our website users through the explore section have enough information and details. This is achieved through the three subsections available in the resource section. These subsections include the collection, country, and theme. In the paragraphs below, we will be getting you familiar with each ‘subsection’s uses and features. 


This is a basic feature of the resource section in which all images, texts, and photographs are contained. The images and texts available in this subsection will give you a visual description and analysis of the location you want to travel to or explore. 


This subsection contains details of all the historical countries in the world. Regions and places with rich historical records are also contained in this subsection. You can choose any of the options available here to explore. 


This contains topical issues, texts, events, and activities. By exploring this subsection, you will have details on all the events and activities you wish to research.

The resource section is carefully designed to enhance secondary and tertiary research, scholarly research and remains relevant to educated and experienced travellers whose interest lies in exploring the places they visit. You are welcome to explore our ASA resources today. You can count on us to provide relevant resources to ease your research activities.