About Us

Getting to Know Us

Whenever you think about the best platform and organisation concerned with providing you with all details about historical places across the world suitable for research for Australians studying abroad, you should think about Elsewhere Online. As a competent organisation, we are irrevocably committed to exploring the world through travels, arts, education, and scholarships. We have a databank of various and helpful texts, images, activities, events, contents, and histories, which we make easily accessible to writers, scholars, artists, and travellers.

Since these tasks are quite enormous and require thorough investigation and research, we partner with Australians Studying Abroad (popularly referred to as ASA), Australian Universities, and international collaborators to explore and conduct research on historical places worldwide and attractive aspects of these places and locations. We do this through a wide range of creative and analytical interactions and relationships.

When we say places, we are not talking about some coordinates on the map. What we are referring to are the locations with highly recognised historical and cultural backgrounds. These locations are scattered all over the world. They depict memories and histories relevant to the existent of a particular group of individuals.

We take our time to look into how humans are influenced by places and the memories associated with these locations. We also explore ways in which humans make or create places and the way these places get used. 

Aside from those bodies mentioned above, we also partner with the Australian Research Council, a web-based humanities content database and highly descriptive catalogue used for academic, industrial, and community purposes and applications.  

You are exposed to several sections on our websites. These sections contain the essential services which we provide. The various sections you will find on our website include exploring, ASA tour, ASA resource, project, news, place, event, and features. You will be able to carry out your research effectively with the aid of these well-designed platforms and sections. 

Our Mission

As a foremost organisation and platform, we are concerned with ensuring that every Australian, both those living within the country and those abroad, are provided with enough information to go about their research and exploration of the natural world and historical settings. 

We understand that research can be quite complicated. As such, we ensure that we provide ease and convenience to the research experience of Australians. Our commitment is unwavering as we continue to push ourselves to deliver on every one of our promises.

Our Vision

We are devoted to helping Australians out with the research. We look into the future with the hope of creating more sophisticated and advance means through which you can fetch information and details of places within the shortest period.

We want to become the number one choice when it comes to helping Australians achieve their research goals. So, we continually look towards creating new methods and techniques that promote research activities.