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Whenever you think about the best platform and organisation concerned with providing you with all details about historical places across the world suitable for research for Australians studying abroad, you should think about Elsewhere Online.

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Helping you explore the world as an Australian remains one purpose we are committed to at Elsewhere Online. We ensure that you have all the resources at your disposal to go about this. We also see providing you with some features and knowledge on what to do and where to go. We are devoted to ensuring that all the necessary information and data are provided to ease your education and research in any part of the world.


Do you need some data or information on certain subjects? Do you want to get all the available resources and make use of the most politely and efficiently? Are you interested in finding texts and images on certain places and sites? Thanks to advancements in science and technology, every individual can now gain access to details within the shortest period. You have every piece of information at your fingertips due to the advent of various and highly technical search engines and sites.


History is said not to be complete without place and time. Place and time are two determining and vital factors to trace a particular set of people's histories. Have you ever thought of visiting a place just because of the stories you have heard about such places? This is the particular concern of Elsewhere Online. We ensure that, with the aid of our Place Journal, every individual can find information on the activities, news, and events associated with some places in the world.

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Touring and travelling around the world comes with a lot of benefits. Have you ever thought of what the world will be like if you cannot travel or explore your immediate and distant environment? Travels and tours remain an integral part of education, and we cannot underestimate this fact. To encourage Australians studying abroad to embark on profiting and impactful tours, we have taken it up as a mandate to make sure that you are provided with links and platforms concerned with important travel resources.

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The importance of having resources at your disposal to make your research and exploration is one that you cannot belittle. When you mention resources, the first thing that comes to the mind of many people is money/fares. However, from a broader spectrum, resources border around information and details gathered together to ensure that a venture is a success. Elsewhere Online is irrevocably committed to ensuring that all the resources needed to make tours, research, and exploration successful are provided to all Australians.


The fact is that having clear and well-laid-out plans help you accomplish goals within the shortest period. There are many projects put in place by Elsewhere Online to make sure that Australians, especially those who are studying outside the country, carry their research out with ease. These projects facilitate a quick understanding of the subject, as well.